How Pack Drop Queues Work

Packs contain a different assortment of possible Moment™ Collectibles, with an exact breakdown of what is available inside packs while supplies last. Pack drops are the method by which packs are released to, and purchased by the LaLiga Golazos community. 


Joining the Drop

Collectors will be able to join the drop through the Packs page on 


The Waiting Room

Once you join the drop, you will be added to a Waiting Room with all of the other Collectors hoping to get a pack. The Waiting Room opens 1 hour before the drop starts and helps ensure that everyone interested has a fair and equal chance to purchase a pack.


The Queue

After receiving Waiting Room access, you’ll be taken to the queue. The system will randomly assign each Collector in the Waiting Room a place in the queue. Packs are limited so your place in the queue will determine how likely you are to purchase a pack.

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