Moments on LaLiga Golazos all have rarity Tiers. Every Moment is part of a Tier which tells you how many of each Moment are available. 

We have different Tiers depending on content type, one for In-Season content and another one for Historical Content.

In-Season Content:

  • Common - 5000 (was 10,000)
  • Uncommon - 1500 (was 5000)
  • Rare - 375 (was 750)
  • Legendary - 45 (was 90)

Historical Content:

  • Uncommon - 1000 (was 2500)
  • Rare - 250 (was 375)
  • Legendary - 30 (was 45)
  • Ultimate (1)

Each Tier has specific guidelines for both the number of individual Moments and the total mint count of all Moments in the Tier. The amounts listed for each Tier are maximum per Tier. We will NEVER mint more units of a Moment after the original minting.

  • Fandom Moments were created to bring everyone the opportunity to start their own Digital Collection of the most incredible Moments in LaLiga, for free. These Moments will have an undefined mint count, and will vary from campaign to campaign.

  • Common Moments are highly accessible. They are the largest edition size (only for In-Season content).
  • Uncommon Moments are scarcer. They can feature remarkable In-Season plays, or become your entry ramp to Historic Content.
  • Rare Moments are even smaller edition sizes. They’re highly coveted and special.
  • Legendary Moments are elite Collector level. Unforgettable Legendary plays. They are extremely scarce and coveted.
  • Ultimate Moments are…we have no words.