Finding Your Dapper Wallet Address

With a growing number of supported services using the Dapper Wallet, it may be necessary to provide your Dapper Wallet address. You are free to view the address for your wallet at any time within your profile. Below are the steps you can follow to access your Dapper Wallet address.

Access your Dapper Wallet through any official Dapper platform. (Meet Dapper, NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, LaLiga Golazos, etc.)

At the top right corner of the screen, by clicking your profile, you will be able to see your profile name, the email address associated with your account, and your Dapper Wallet address.



Alternatively, you can also select Inventory from the menu on the left side of the interface.




From the Inventory screen, you'll want to click the plus icon in the top right corner of the window.




A box will appear that will display your Dapper Wallet address and you are able to copy this address using the button on the right of the text box.


By accessing this interface, you will also be able to see which NFTs you can send to your Dapper Wallet.