Transactional Spending Limits

Dapper offers multiple payment method options including Apple Pay, debit/credit cards, and cryptocurrency choices. Each of these comes with spending limits. 

Everyone in the Dapper community starts off with a daily transactional spending limit of $25,000 USD on Apple Pay, their debit/credit cards, as well as cryptocurrency. Any daily limit runs on a 24-hour timer and is reset each day. (Note: Each payment option also comes with a minimum purchase amount of $5 USD)

As a collector's account matures and they successfully complete the Identity Check, their spending limits – for Apple Pay, credit/debit cards, as well as cryptocurrency – will increase.

Please note: Once collectors have completed their Identity Check, their daily transactional spending limit becomes $40,000 when using Apple Pay and debit/credit cards, and $1,000,000 when using cryptocurrency.

Completing the Identity Check will also enable withdrawals on an account. 


When purchasing Dapper Balance, a collector is required to input their desired amount in the field above. If an amount above their limit is chosen, they will be asked to select a lower amount.