FLOW on the Dapper Wallet

The Dapper Wallet can now hold FLOW tokens—the native currency of the Flow network. FLOW is designed as a payment method as well as a long-term reserve asset for the entire Flow economy. This means that it is required for the network and all the applications on top of it to function. FLOW is used by validators, developers, and customers who participate in the Flow network, as well as to transfer fees, pay for storage, serve as collateral for secondary tokens on Flow, and participate in future protocol governance.

Please Note:

  • Paying with FLOW on the Dapper Wallet is currently unavailable for Dapper Sports Studio products (NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY and LaLiga Golazos). However, NBA Top Shot packs can be purchased with FLOW through Blocto, Ledger, Lilico, NuFi, and Flipper.
  • You are currently unable to convert FLOW to Dapper Balance and vice versa.

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Viewing Your FLOW on the Dapper Wallet

You can view your FLOW token balance and how much it’s worth in USD (approximately) on the homepage of your Dapper Wallet. Like all crypto, Flow price fluctuates due to market movement. The USD amount gives you an idea of its market value at that current time.

To transact with FLOW, you will need to verify your identity by completing an easy 3-step Identity Check.

How to Withdraw FLOW

In order to send or withdraw FLOW from your Dapper Wallet to another wallet or exchange, head to your Dapper Wallet home page under the Flow section and click the Withdraw button. If you’re sending or withdrawing FLOW for the first time, you will see a brief tutorial.

When prompted, enter the amount you want to send before clicking Next. It can be in either FLOW or USD.


Scan or copy the recipient wallet’s address, then come back to Dapper to paste it in the address field. Hit Next when you’re done.


Double-check everything, hit Send, and you're done!


How to Deposit FLOW

To begin the process of depositing FLOW, head to your Dapper Wallet home page under the Flow section and click the Deposit button. If you’re depositing FLOW for the first time, you will see a brief tutorial.

On the next page, you can copy your Dapper wallet address or use the QR code option.


You can then navigate to the wallet or exchange from where you want to send FLOW, paste your Dapper Wallet's address, and complete the sending transaction. For assistance with sending FLOW from a specific wallet or exchange, please contact them directly.

Once your transaction has been completed, you will see a notification in your Dapper Wallet and receive an email stating that FLOW has been received.



FLOW Airdrops

Sometimes you may receive FLOW airdrops as part of a promotion. If you're getting an airdrop, you will receive an email informing you of it. You can then navigate to your Dapper Wallet and select Claim to claim your FLOW airdrop.


Once claimed, a notification will appear. Congratulations on claiming your FLOW airdrop.


Purchasing with FLOW

Now that you can hold FLOW in your Dapper Wallet, it is easier than ever to make purchases with it. Once you find an item to buy, just select FLOW as your payment method, and then select Buy Now.


Once your purchase goes through, you will see an Order Complete screen.


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