Moment™ Collectibles Purchase Failed

Unlike Packs, there is no reservation for individual Moment™ collectibles on the Marketplace. This means that if someone is further along in the checkout process, they may complete the purchase before you. But don't fret – you will not be charged for these payments.

  • Paying with Credit Card - Any failed Moment purchases will not be charged to your card. Instead, these charges will actually show up as "Pending" or "Authorizing" in your bank statements. Depending on your bank, these charges will eventually fall off after 3-5 business days. This is known as your bank's "Authorization Period."
  • Payment with Dapper Balance - Similar to failed credit card payments, any failed Moment purchases made with your Dapper Balance will eventually be reversed. You will see your balance update accordingly after a few hours.

Common Issues

This Moment was sold. Please try another one.

If you received an error message like this, it means another collector was able to purchase the listing before you made it to check out.

Refunds for Failed Purchases

We automatically process refunds for failed purchases. If you paid with a credit card, the authorization will be removed in 3-5 business days. If you paid with Dapper Balance, your balance will reflect the reversal after a few hours.

If you still have not received your Moment™ collectible, refund, or purchase failure email from Dapper, please contact support with the following and we can help. 

  1. The Payment ID found in your Dapper email receipt
  2. Your Dapper email