Marketplace Net Spend

Marketplace Net Spend is the amount that collectors spend on the Marketplace after deducting the amount that is gained from sales on the Marketplace.

You can calculate Marketplace Net Spend by taking the total purchase amount spent on Moment™ NFTs in the Marketplace and subtracting the total amount of sales made from selling Moments on the Marketplace.

For example, if you purchase a Moment listed for $50 and you sell a Moment listed for $10 on the Marketplace, your total Marketplace Net Spend would be $40.


How do Marketplace & Transaction Fees Factor in?

Any fees that occur as part of transacting on the platform such as credit card fees are not applied to this calculation of Marketplace Net Spend.

For each sale made on the Marketplace, there is a 5% fee applied. So when a Moment that is listed for $100 is sold, the seller will receive $95. This means that the amount subtracted from the total amount spent on the Marketplace for this collector would be $95 instead of $100 as that is the amount the seller would receive for the purchase. 

Please note: Any transaction/service fees that occur depending on the payment method used are not factored into Marketplace Net Spend.