Challenges put your collection of Moments to the test! A Challenge asks you to use a number of predefined Moments (owned by you) that fit into the theme of the Challenge. If you fulfill the requirements at the time of the deadline, there will be rewards waiting for you. Check out the current and previous Challenges on the Challenge page here.

There is more than one way of getting rewarded for completing a Challenge. These are called Tiers which are based on multiple levels of engagement and difficulty. You can choose how you would like to participate by selecting the Tier that works best for you and your collection.

Challenges can also be connected, meaning the content from one Challenge may be relevant in the next Challenge. So keep this in mind when you're deciding on completing a Challenge as you may need to have the previous Challenge Reward in order for a successful entry.

Completing a Challenge Entry

To successfully complete a Challenge entry, you will need to hold the Moments in your collection at the time of the deadline as there is no Challenge builder. To confirm if you have Moments eligible for your submission, you can head directly to the Challenge page and under the Moments to Collect section, you will be able to see the Moments that you own highlighted with a green check mark on the top right corner.



Once you have successfully collected all Moments for the Tier that you're working towards, you will see a banner that shows Successfully Completed. We always recommend checking your collection and the Challenge page at least once before the deadline to ensure that you still own all of the required Moments. Otherwise, please do not sell or withdraw these Moments from your collection as it can disrupt your submission causing you to become ineligible.



We recommend the following:

  • Checking your collection to ensure that you have the required Moments for a valid Challenge Entry at least once before the snapshot. As there is no Challenge builder at this time, you only need to hold the required Moments in your collection.
  • Ensuring that you have fully read and understood a Challenge's requirements and rules before participation. The rules and requirements can vary for each Challenge and it is best to confirm this by reading the Challenge Rules section.
  • Delist any required Moments from sale. If your Moment used for a Challenge sells on the Marketplace before the snapshot deadline, your entry will be deemed ineligible.