Collections are a new and fun way for you to collect and showcase your collection. You will also be able to earn special rewards once you own all required Moments for that Collection when the timer runs out. Feel free to check out the live Collections here and try them out for yourself!

  1. Name of the Collection
  2. Number of rewards that are available and the difficulty levels
  3. This is the Collection deadline. Once the timer ends, you can no longer complete the Collection and we will take a snapshot of all eligible collectors.

How to Complete a Collection

First, you will need to head to the Collections page here. From there, you will be able to choose the level of difficulty that you would like to complete. You will also be able to see the rewards you can win and the progress that you've made for each difficulty level on this page.

Once you've selected your difficulty, you will be taken to the page that shows the Moments that you'll need to own to complete the Collection. If you don't own the Moment, you can click on the plus button in the middle of the grayed-out Moment, and it will take you to where you can find it (i.e. available pack drop or Marketplace). It will also let you know if it's guaranteed in a pack, if you can find it in a certain pack, if you can claim it for free, etc. above the Player's name.

If you already own the Moment in your collection, it will fill it in automatically and you will see a checkmark on the top-right-hand corner of that Moment.

After owning all the required Moments for the Collection at the end of the snapshot, you will be eligible for the rewards.

Please Note: You will need to ensure that your Collection is complete at the time of the snapshot. We recommend checking your Collection at least once before the snapshot and delisting any required Moments from the Marketplace as it may cause you to be ineligible for any rewards if your required Moment ends up selling.