Collections are a new addition that allows you to organize your Moments from your favorite stars and clubs like never before. Imagine having all your cherished Moments beautifully sorted and easily accessible. This functionality also allows you to check what Moments you are missing to complete each Collection.

Accessing Collections

In order to access your Collections, head to your profile page using the top bar and select My Collection or in the top right-hand corner, you can select your profile icon. From here, you will be able to see all Collections available as tabs next to your Packs tab.

Available Collections

LaLiga 2022/23 Collection

Organized by clubs, you'll have all your Moments from season 2022/23.

Immerse yourself in the 2022/23 Season. Need a centralized hub for all the electrifying Moments from the 2022/23 season? Look no further than the LaLiga 2022/23 Collection! This Collection organizes Moments by clubs, allowing you to keep track of all the unforgettable Moments you own. How many teams do you have completed?

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LaLiga Golazos Collection

Relive the Glorious Past and Present

Do you find joy in revisiting the iconic Moments of the past that shaped LaLiga history? The LaLiga Golazos Collection is just what you need! Whether it's the mesmerizing skills of legendary players or the defining Moments in club rivalries, this Collection will transport you back in time. Challenge yourself to complete as many clubs as possible in this remarkable journey through history!

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Sets Collection

Collect Iconic Sets and Moments

This captivating feature groups Moments based on sets: Themes from the Golazos collections. Whether you want to collect every “ElClasíco” Moment, or the Legendary “Idolos”, every LaLiga Golazos Moment belongs to a set, and gathering all the Moments in a set will complete it! Get ready to immerse yourself like never before.

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